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Since Worf joined the crew I really am struggling to enjoy the show as much as I did before. Klingons are my least favorite Star Trek subject and now they get even more screen time than before. 😞

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#Enigmail 2.0.11 (2019-05-21) addresses a security issue with inline-PGP messages that allows an attacker to have Enigmail display a correctly signed or encrypted message info, but display a different unauthenticated text.

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mastodon: lmao fuck doing option ids like sane poll implementations, we are going to make people use names for vote federation
also mastodon: but in the api you have to submit votes by option indices
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PSA: Firefox 67 silently turns this bullshit back on if you've disabled it, so remember to turn it back off

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@lain freedom 0 as defined by the fsf: the freedom to complain about stuff while contributing nothing to the project

When Wikileaks released the DNC emails shortly before the US election media condemned them for working with the Russians and manipulating the election. Now German media outlets are basically doing the same thing and are praising themselves for it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the would gain votes or at least maintain its current popularity. Same as with Trump. Those voters don’t care about scandals, quite the contrary, it confirms their world view of being played by the media.

Welp, I’m getting DoSed by qt anime grils ;_;

Every so often my Mastodon Sidekiq queue gets overstuffed because my server has to transcode some enormous anime videos originating from … :eisfee:

DS9 S04E06 Rejoined 

I wonder how long it takes for senpai Gargomel to notice my bug report. :gnulightened:

A small library to decrypt and parse Web Push Notifications sent by Mastodon:

Now I’ll just have to clean it up a bit and get a few changes to go-mastodon merged before it’s ready for consumption.

I’ve written a small library to decode Web Push notifications in (specifically for Mastodon’s)!

Aaaand it works! :3

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