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What I like about the Fediverse is that hardly anyone I know personally is using it.

Guess I’ll just watch another Eric Rohmer movie. Downloading «Les Nuits de la pleine lune» 🌕 💕

DS9 S03E07 (Civil Defense) is hilarious. Garak and Dukat are my favorite characters by far.

In an ideal world each day ends with «All heap blocks were freed -- no leaks are possible»

Most image descriptions are better than the image itself.

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Since the end of season 2 DS9 really stepped up the game. Convey my thank to the Dominion.

Added tests and documentation. Rdy for consumption, I guess.

I want to live in a world where physics and programming are fundamentally the same thing.

I will now listen to G-Schmitt and not sleep till all the problems are solved.

Done too much programming today, should have been doing physics instead. 😤

As it seems to be in vogue to write a Blurhash implementation: I’ve written one in pure Go. Documentation is lacking but it works and produces the same results as the reference implementation.

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DS9 is the best Star Trek series there ever was, and probably ever will be.

I’ve written a script never intended to be used by someone else, and then I put it on GitHub. Now people are using it and are reporting errors. And thanks to past me the reported errors just contain the information "There was an error" because I did not care and caught all exceptions by default.

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