One problem I have running a Mastodon single-user instance is, that lists are completely unusable. If I add a user to a list but don’t also follow them explicitly, I won’t see their new toots appearing in the list. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Now I can forward my notifications to . Works like a charm. πŸ””

Soon I’ll open a virtual casino where you can place bets if Gargon will merge a specific PR. You’re welcome.

So has no equivalent of ’s "mark every image from instance as NSFW" feature. πŸ™„

The documentation is even worse than I expected. The installation guide covers the bare minimum, without even going into detail about the various environment variables one can set.

Afterwards you find yourself staring at the admin UI with no explanations whatsoever what the settings even mean or what consequences they might have. E.g. there’s a category called WebSub, it just displays an empty list and no UI elements to adjust anything.


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