Figured I could post about my adventures here. Here’s my main camera, a Nikon F4 from 1988. The first professional auto-focus camera from Nikon. It weighs a ton and is rock solid. If I don’t feel like carrying it, I also have a few Canon A and T cameras laying around, but that’s a topic for another toot.

I need to access the pads in the middle of this dev board but I'm not sure how to do it without ruining the board forever...

and so the journey begins to turn these into a full-fledged product for your c64 🦉

Dusted off my old Kindle Paperwhite, installed the jailbreak and wrote a small software in Go (because of super easy cross-compilation support for ARM) to display departure dates for public transport.

Managed to get the development snapshot of Berlins firmware running on this tiny MikroTik mAP lite. Had to netboot the latest OpenWrt snapshot into RAM and then flash from there. Strangely enough it did not work with the last stable release. MTD didn’t show any devices then. Anyways, it’s a fully functional node now, and boy is it fast. Aaand it consumes only 4W peak.

I’ve acquired this Sony CRT and now I’m using a Raspberry Pi and its Composite Video Out together with Gstreamer to send and sync a video stream from my laptop to it. Works now, but was quite an act because I had do enable the experimental OpenGL drivers for the Pi to get rid of the horrible screen tearing, but the driver does not support overscan properly so I had to adjust manually. And In general Gstreamer can be quite a challenge but the possibilities are endless…

So I’ve finally got my own MMDVM hotspot up and running. I’m using a MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat for the Raspberry Pi, which I’ve ordered from China but it has all the genuine ICs and works flawlessly so far.

I’ve written a small library to decode Web Push notifications in (specifically for Mastodon’s)!

Aaaand it works! :3

I’m implementing a hash table with open addressing and now I’m trying to figure out if I should use linear probing, quadratic probing or double hashing for the specific data set and hash algorithm… I like how it looks. 😯

Not sure if political party or german new wave / post-punk band from the 80s

Today I visited Gropiusstadt to take a few pictures and after ending on top of a parking garage this is what I encountered.

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