Am I the only one that finds it rather disturbing that app developers are openly talking about crippling their apps so that they wont work with gab’s Mastodon instance? Freedom 0, anyone?

@buckket "Safety" is a buzzword that always opens my ears and raises my eyebrows.
@buckket Do you remember that drama half a week ago about Archive Team making an archive of public posts on an LGBT teenager instance.... when really ActivityPub is designed to let every server and client throw out a huge net in regard to scraping if they want to.

(On a fresh instance, your activitypub experience will actually be really terrible because it's not so easy to reach out and make new friends within the world)

@sum Must have missed that one. Do you have a link? But recently I noticed a few people complaining about their public toots on other servers being indexed by Google and making a fuss about it.

@buckket @sum yeah and I think its funny if eugan can index posts but the archive team did the same
@1iceloops123 @buckket

stats: {
user_count: 321164,
status_count: 14060719,
domain_count: 9722

that's 14,000,000 statuses (likely much more)
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