Am I the only one that finds it rather disturbing that app developers are openly talking about crippling their apps so that they wont work with gab’s Mastodon instance? Freedom 0, anyone?

@buckket if i recall correctly, and correct me if i'm wrong here, the reason gab started even thinking about doing this whole thing in the first place is because the gab apps got deleted off of google play and the apple app store, and gab becoming a derivative of mastodon would allow it to use mastodon-compatible apps.

i think if i ran an app that worked with mastodon APIs, i'd be concerned about my app getting deleted from the stores that i distribute my app from if i basically permitted gab to do the equivalent of ban evasion

@Frinkeldoodle Yes, app stores are evil and this could indeed become a problem. But by blocking those domains in question and thus avoiding conflict we, as a community, basically surrender to those app store companies and their absurd policies. Now it’s just Gab, but if it happens to another player an example has already been made.

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