Am I the only one that finds it rather disturbing that app developers are openly talking about crippling their apps so that they wont work with gab’s Mastodon instance? Freedom 0, anyone?

And now even Gargon is supporting this behavior. In reality Mastodon just wants to be another silo, but with more rainbows and simulated bliss.

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@lucy Sure, it’s pointless to begin with. But ideologically speaking it’s a step backwards. I don’ŧ trust people who seem to advocate open protocols just to the bend the rules when it comes to people they don’t like.

@buckket if i recall correctly, and correct me if i'm wrong here, the reason gab started even thinking about doing this whole thing in the first place is because the gab apps got deleted off of google play and the apple app store, and gab becoming a derivative of mastodon would allow it to use mastodon-compatible apps.

i think if i ran an app that worked with mastodon APIs, i'd be concerned about my app getting deleted from the stores that i distribute my app from if i basically permitted gab to do the equivalent of ban evasion

@Frinkeldoodle Yes, app stores are evil and this could indeed become a problem. But by blocking those domains in question and thus avoiding conflict we, as a community, basically surrender to those app store companies and their absurd policies. Now it’s just Gab, but if it happens to another player an example has already been made.

@buckket thing is most app devs that do this are authoritarian and I'm not surprised
@buckket it's like eugan he is a authoritian and we already have glitch social that does both.
Yeah that's a fucked up position IMO but I don't think it'll be effective - folks will fork the clients.
@buckket "Safety" is a buzzword that always opens my ears and raises my eyebrows.
@buckket Do you remember that drama half a week ago about Archive Team making an archive of public posts on an LGBT teenager instance.... when really ActivityPub is designed to let every server and client throw out a huge net in regard to scraping if they want to.

(On a fresh instance, your activitypub experience will actually be really terrible because it's not so easy to reach out and make new friends within the world)
@sum @buckket yeah what bugs me I see eugan wanting to ban gab and I think its funny I don't see mastodon instances banning far left people off mastodon like antifa is a terrorist group in america should everyone should just go ban anarchists now? If I had a choice I would say no.
@sum @buckket and as for mastodon I doubt they care because fse and shitposter is blocked because in america we have free speech.
@1iceloops123 @sum @buckket technically you have freedom of speech, but youll get there :P also im an anarchist... and we do not associate with the left.. thats why its called post-left anarchism, you know shits hit the fan when the anarchists start clasifying themselves just to avoid being lumped in with 1 side..
@slickpockets @buckket @sum but antifa are far left anarchists if I remembered right
@1iceloops123 @slickpockets @buckket anarcho-centrists are really 50/50, there's conservative leaning types with antifa and liberal hippie types with "patriots". fringe politics are fringe people.
@sum @1iceloops123 @buckket or theres fucking super deep right wing egoists, who believe slaver should be allowed and might creates right....
@1iceloops123 @sum @buckket no..antfia is jsut anti facists, its sorta like thumbs nad fingers, not all anarchists are in antifia, but its liekly most antifa drones identify as anarchist.
@slickpockets @1iceloops123 @buckket @sum
They "identify" as anarchists except all the evil policies they want which require government to enact and enforce. They are no more anarchists than eunuchs are women.
@1iceloops123 @buckket well Gargron tolerating Switter when sex work and sex trafficking are largely illegal, and using it as a talking point for him to get donations, is kind of messed up. also yeah his instance is full of political extremists & radicals or types who'll give advice on how to commit various crimes but he has a no tolerance policy for people who simply commit the crime of annoying him. he's kinda immature..... glad fediverse is decentralized and open source i tell you what, I have my own history with Gargron and his people. find it very funny that lolicon is ban on sight for him, given their .... histories
@sum @buckket yet lolicon is legal in the us because I own a physical copy of a few lolicon hentai manga and I own them not because I like lolicon I just like reading very weird manga
@sum @1iceloops123 @buckket Given Gargron is 180 degrees off on everything, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he loves 3D lolis but hates 2D ones.

@sum Must have missed that one. Do you have a link? But recently I noticed a few people complaining about their public toots on other servers being indexed by Google and making a fuss about it.

@buckket @sum yeah and I think its funny if eugan can index posts but the archive team did the same
@1iceloops123 @buckket

stats: {
user_count: 321164,
status_count: 14060719,
domain_count: 9722

that's 14,000,000 statuses (likely much more)
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