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I created a list in Mastodon named "Friends" and put a few people in it to keep the illusion up.

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Bitte nicht schubsen, ich habe pleroma auf meinem Server

And thanks to WireGuard I’m now able to stream my own music from the go on my mobile phone without much hassle or worrying of exposing my local network. This is the feature I always wanted. Time to ditch Spotify…

I’m torn on Plex. On one hand it just works™ and runs on my own hardware with my media library, but it’s not really FLOSS and they aggressively nag with subscribing to their premium service.

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Six Stages of Debugging

Step 1 : That can’t happen.

Step 2 : That doesn’t happen on my machine.

Step 3 : That shouldn’t happen.

Step 4 : Why does that happen?

Step 5 : Oh, I see.

Step 6 : how did that ever work?

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Whenever I want to help translate software someone already delivered. Being German is a curse, I tell you that.

Today I visited Gropiusstadt to take a few pictures and after ending on top of a parking garage this is what I encountered.

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Sometimes it really does take all your closest friends telling you that your idea is bad to realize that you have shitty friends.

Yeah GOPATH is great, but have you tried enabling GO111MODULE?

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ZEIT Online bietet alle (ja, auch die Z+-Artikel) seine Artikel offiziell im Volltext per XML an. Ich habe einen kleinen Konverter geschrieben, mit dem Ihr entspannt, werbe- und trackingfrei sämtliche Artikel lesen könnt. Gern könnt Ihr den Code verbessern, Pullrequests senden und Issues erstellen.

I’ve written a caching proxy server for Arch Linux’ package files for usage with pacman:

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This real-time family location tracking app used MongoDB and you won't believe what happened next!!

Started zcashd after a few months so I can make make a single transaction. The load it puts on my computer is almost unbearable and it takes ages to catch up as well. Just great.

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Like #IRC _can_ support things like typing notifications, reactions and the likes.

Just not 'chic' enough to be worked on :/

#Matrix's bridge doesn't even bother to implement these and instead floods channels with their "extended" messages :(

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