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I created a list in Mastodon named "Friends" and put a few people in it to keep the illusion up.

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Like Unix, I broken my personality into single purpose chunks you can pipe together to simulate a human interaction.

I heard you like DDoSing Mastodon instances? Just create a new user account on target instance and delete it again. Repeat multiple times. For maximum effect do it simultaneously for multiple accounts.

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"Groove Salad Classic" is so good. I wasn't into SomaFM when it first came out so this is really nice.

Matrix is not only badly implemented but also conceptually more than questionable. I don鈥檛 want my communication tools to have hundreds of anti-features which, in the end, just distract my work flow.

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Next up: Following everyone who made one good toot and/or has a qt anime girl avatar, just to find out a few hours later that my home TL has become a total mess. Every goddamn time.

Subscribed to two ActivityPub relays to kickstart the federated timeline of my single user instance and so far its working just fine. 馃憤

At least that鈥檚 what I鈥檝e been told.

Just realised I鈥檓 not a true physicist yet, as I haven鈥檛 coded any FORTRAN in my lifetime. Sad.

Early next year will start building dedicated cities for its offices and employees. Non-Amazon workers will be offered affordable Amazon Basics housing to simulate a functioning and flourishing city.

Just noticed that Instagram started using automated image classification to generate the alt tags for user pictures.

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TIL 鈥 Using conditional entries in .gitconfig to automatically manage #git identities based on the working directory. Nice!

What鈥檚 missing: Lightweight GNU/Linux distribution that boots directly into Emacs.

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Tried my hands at an introduction to Emacs that avoids teaching key combos or any sort of text editing efficiency:

Don't know how useful it is as an introduction, but writing it certainly helped /me/ learning Emacs :D

Also, something on those "info" documentations common in the GNUverse and how to deal with them outside of Emacs:

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