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Reading the FSFE’s statement regarding RMS I’m glad I never supported them financially or otherwise.

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Wenn man ständig erklären muss, was RMS _eigentlich_ meinte, ist das evtl. ein gutes Argument, ihn aus einer Sprachrohr-Position zu lösen. Aber die Hälfte (!= alle) seiner skandalisierten Formulierungen entblößt sich bei nüchterner Lektüre in context als sehr anders denn kolportiert. Zur Epstein-Sache z.B. Das Ausmaß an Fehl-Lektüre erscheint mir teils bizarr; Inversion des Principle of Charity. Was zersetzt die Lese-Fähigkeiten der Leute so: Vorurteil, Emotion zum Thema?

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The next time someone mentions to me that Matrix is easier to use than PGP or XMPP with OMEMO, I will probably ** Unable to decrypt: Error: OLM.UNKNOWN_MESSAGE_INDEX **

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A few fun facts about the Kindle PW3:
- It’s running Linux 3.0
- It’s using awesomeWM
- It comes with tmux/htop preinstalled

Dusted off my old Kindle Paperwhite, installed the jailbreak and wrote a small software in Go (because of super easy cross-compilation support for ARM) to display departure dates for public transport.

Managed to get the development snapshot of Berlins firmware running on this tiny MikroTik mAP lite. Had to netboot the latest OpenWrt snapshot into RAM and then flash from there. Strangely enough it did not work with the last stable release. MTD didn’t show any devices then. Anyways, it’s a fully functional node now, and boy is it fast. Aaand it consumes only 4W peak.

I’ve acquired this Sony CRT and now I’m using a Raspberry Pi and its Composite Video Out together with Gstreamer to send and sync a video stream from my laptop to it. Works now, but was quite an act because I had do enable the experimental OpenGL drivers for the Pi to get rid of the horrible screen tearing, but the driver does not support overscan properly so I had to adjust manually. And In general Gstreamer can be quite a challenge but the possibilities are endless…

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Berlin really is lacking some DAPNET transmitters. My Skyper/Pager is useless without them. 😞

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So I’ve finally got my own MMDVM hotspot up and running. I’m using a MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat for the Raspberry Pi, which I’ve ordered from China but it has all the genuine ICs and works flawlessly so far.

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ich habe schon mindestens 50 big funkies genutzt und immer war der ton warm und lecker. aber heute, dieser digitalfunk, der ist so kalt, da sind die wörter schon an der antenne festgeklumpt. das heißt, die bits lagen im cache schon seit mindestens 15ms und das hat nichts mehr mit 1 funkgerät zu tun, bis auf das aussehen.

>iOS can’t handle sane audio formats
>Guess we just convert everything to MP3 then

Mastodons design decisions are so poor I don’t even know where to start. And as always no prior discussion took place. Decisions are just made and the Fediverse has do deal with them.

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> use open protocol
> make free and open source software so everyone can use it
> yay freedom of speech

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